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Importance of fresh seafood

What differentiates a high quality seafood?

The difference between quality seafood and seafood that offers an insipid taste and no personality is often found in the fact that it is not fresh seafood, but we are eating frozen seafood.

Today, frozen foods are very common in all restaurants and even homes around the world, offering undeniable advantages in both storage and preparation. However, especially in the case of seafood, the taste of the final product can be compromised because it is frozen.

Why is it important that the seafood is fresh?

At Restaurante La Marea we take great care to ensure that the seafood that enters our kitchen is of the highest quality so that our customers can enjoy tasty, nutritious dishes with a very personal touch. Having several types of seafood fresh is very important for several reasons that we will see below.

The local economy is helped

Having fresh seafood in a restaurant kitchen means that the seafood comes from local producers and fishermen in the area, i.e. it is km 0 product. Normally, frozen seafood is the one that comes from far away areas of the planet, since that seafood cannot be kept refrigerated and reach our table on time without being frozen.

Buying fresh seafood also helps the economy and the small fishermen in the area, unlike frozen seafood that usually comes from the boats of large fishing companies that go out to fish for months on end.

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The product is tastier

As with meat and almost all foods, freezing a product means that it breaks down and some properties are lost along the way, as some of the proteins, nutrients and enzymes present in the fresh product are broken down or decomposed by the freezing process.

This not only diminishes the nutritional properties but can also influence the final taste. For this reason, in our seafood menu we strive to always offer quality products.

The production cycle is more environmentally friendly

Consuming fresh seafood means that a much shorter and smaller production chain is required than for frozen product, as not all the stages of the production chain associated with the preparation and packaging of a frozen product are necessary.

Consuming fresh seafood means less waste, less plastics and less carbon dioxide will be released into the atmosphere for product transport.

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Fresh seafood all year round

In Restaurant La Marea we have fresh seafood all year round, going to the local fishermen in the ports of Maresme, Costa Brava and the coast of Tarragona. Since we are a restaurant on the beach of Barcelona that brings us closer with the product we offer.

In the same way as it happens with fruits and vegetables, this allows us to have seasonal seafood, putting on our tables those products that are more common at a specific time of the year. Therefore, you can book a table in our restaurant to enjoy the best seafood.

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